In the realm of measure, where grams abound,
A delicate balance, in life is found.
Each tiny unit, a testament to precision,
A world of matter, in harmonious decision.

A whisper of weight, the humble gram,
Holds the secret of life, like a hidden gem.
From the grandest mountain to the smallest seed,
In every particle, the gram takes the lead.

Oh, the beauty of grams, the subtlety of scale,
In the dance of the universe, they never fail.
Each element weighed, with meticulous care,
Creating the symphony of life, beyond compare.

The unseen strength, of a gram so small,
An intricate web, that connects us all.
For in the details, the truth unveils,
The story of life, in grams, prevails.

So let us honor the gram, and its quiet grace,
A reminder that life thrives in the smallest space.
In the balance of matter, the secret it holds,
The weight of the world, in grams, unfolds.

Francois Carrillo